Type: map

Always present and contains at least "wikidata", with the item id.

Can contain "en.wikipedia" and "$lang.wikipedia", where $lang is the request language. These elements contain the corresponding page name on the associated Wikipedia, if such a page exists.

label, description, aliases

These contain data in the request language that corresponds directly to Wikidata items. They are omitted if there is no value in the request language. Label and description contain a string, while aliases contains an array of string.



Type: map

Always present, though can be empty.

Contains the data of the item grouped by property. Example:

    "P281": {
        "property": {
            "label": "postal code",
            "id": "P281",
            "url": "http://localhost:8000/properties/P281"
        "value": "10115\u201314199",
        "type": "string"
    "P610": {
        "property": {
            "label": "highest point",
            "id": "P610",
            "url": "http://localhost:8000/properties/P610"
        "value": {
            "label": "Arkenberge",
            "id": "Q19259618",
            "url": "http://localhost:8000/items/Q19259618"
        "type": "queryr-entity-identity"

The keys in the map are stable property identifiers. They point to maps that always have these properties:

A fourth possible key is "values". This key is always an array and only present when there are multiple values for the property. Only the first most preferred value can be found via "value". "values" contains all values. The elements in the "values" array are of the same type as value of "value".

The types and value structure are the same as the DataValues part of the Wikibase software / Wikidata API. See the list of Wikidata data types. With the exception of the type wikibase-entityid, which gets replaced by queryr-entity-identity. This new type has the same fields as the property property.