QueryR is a REST compliant webservice for accessing information stored in Wikidata.

It is uses the free and open source QueryR API software, which can more generally be used to access Wikibase information.

You can find the API's root endpoint at queryr.wmflabs.org/api.


The QueryR service is still in development. No guarantees about its availability or stability are provided. Do not rely on this service and do not use it in production.

At this point we are looking for input and welcome your feedback.

Differences with the Wikidata web API


At some point adding writing actions and queries might be on the table, though this will then be done by proxying the existing Wikidata API, SPARQL endpoint and similar services.



Note that these lists compare using a hypothetically finished initial version QueryR to better illustrate the potential. As the development is still in early stages, advantages such as stability have not yet been achieved and lack of proper hosting infrastructure and actual data replication are more than disadvantageous.

Open questions

The open questions fall into several categories

  1. What are the most common use cases and how are they each best served?
  2. What are the best ways to expose certain general features such as versioning, language selection and rate limiting
  3. How is all of this best implemented internally

Input on the first two points (what to build) is needed most, though you are also welcome to comment on the third point (how to build it). Please comment on, or create new, issues on the issue tracker.

Author and credits

The QueryR software has been created and is maintained by Jeroen De Dauw as hobby project. It is not maintained by Wikimedia or Wikimedia Deutchland.

The webservice is run by Adam Shorland and Jeroen De Dauw and is similarly not a WMF/WMDE backed project. It does however make use of Wikimedia Labs.

The data exposed by the webservice has been imported from the Wikidata project.

The QueryR API is built on various open source projects, including the Silex microframework, several Wikibase libraries and the Symfony HttpFoundation component.